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July 16th, 2016

2016 Softball Game!!!

Here I go. My first article for 282. A little background, I became a member of this troop WAYYYYYY back in 1978. Bob Morris was the Scoutmaster and Scott Howell Jr. was the Assistant Scoutmaster. I earned the rank of Eagle Scout in 1985. My Son Tristen transferred from our original Troop 3 months ago and that was the best thing we could have done for his Scouting Life. Watching the boys helping other scouts with baseball skills was admirable. Not every kid is an athlete but that’s what makes Scouting different. It was a relief from the Competitive BB life!! I witnessed adults and scouts helping boys at the plate and the bases. Another thing that is important to note was if a youth or adult made a mistake running the bases they were called Out. Unlike the theme that u can’t do that. Boys need to learn to play by the rules and not be passed along. If U haven’t figured it out YOU are a part of the Best Troop in KC!! That’s why my Son and I are here now!!