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January 6th, 2015

2014-2015 High Adventure to Disney World

By Stacy Howell

Wow! The Disney World High Adventure Trip was amazing. Although there were many bumps along the road, overall the trip was very successful. Basically I was the only one who encountered the bumps in the road, however the participants experienced 7 days of fun & excitement. The group spent many hours of fundraising to reduce the overall cost of the trip and we even had fun while fundraising. By the time we boarded the plane to Orlando, FL, we were one big happy family.

This was the troop’s first experience flying as a group. Overall, the flights were great & if the troop chooses to participate in another High Adventure Trip to Disney World, we will definitely be flying again. We stayed at The Disney All Star Sports Resort which is located within the Disney World complex. This resort is a great option for groups. A few of the participants tried out the swimming pool but I heard they didn’t stay in the water long because it was quite chilly. Each participant also had a MagicBand which is pretty amazing. Everyone got to choose the color of their MagicBand and they also have each person’s name inside the band. The MagicBand was used to access your room, to enter the amusement parks and access the FastPasses. The six Boy Scouts earned 3 Merit Badges, American Cultures, Movie Making and Aviation. 

We were divided into two groups. Our group had 15 people and we went almost non-stop to ensure that we saw almost everything there was to see in the four Disney World amusement parks. Everyone in the group stayed together except when we were in the resort rooms. Although the parks were very full because of the Christmas holiday, we did not spend much time standing in line because we utilized the FastPass option which allows you to reserve a time to ride the attractions. The few times we did stand in line, we visited, laughed and got to know each other better. 

The entire group of 29 participants spent the last few hours of New Year’s Eve together in the Magic Kingdom amusement park. We watched the Electric Parade and the ‘special edition’ of the New Year’s Eve fireworks. All I can say is, ‘WOW’. I don’t think I have ever seen so many fireworks in such a short time. I will never forget such a great New Year’s Eve celebration with 28 great people (and the thousands of other people). 

Disney World Group Photo

I would like to thank the other 28 participants for making this trip great. I truly hope everyone enjoyed the experience. I especially would like to thank Melinda Newberry for taking the time to purchase a beautiful glass Mickey Mouse head Christmas ornament and a cute Cinderella’s Castle phone case as a gift of appreciation from all the participants. I am ready to start planning the troop’s next High Adventure trip to Disney World. Is anyone else going with me?

March 24th, 2011

NEW! 2011 Scout Camp Resource Page

Troop 282 has created a NEW Scout Camp resource page for Boy Scout Summer Camp at the H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation.

You will find forms, links, and important information that you will need if you are attending Summer Camp. There is also a Scout Camp Merit Badge Sign-Up Form, Schedule and all the Merit Badge advance preparation paperwork.

Click on this > 2011 Scout Camp resource link or the one located under "Pages" to the left to get to the Scout Camp resource page.

Merit Badge Sign-up will begin at the Scout Meeting on Monday, May 2, 2011.

We would like to ask all the Scouts to go to the resource page and fill out the Merit Badge Sign-Up Form and print out the advance preparation worksheets if the Merit Badge requires advance work. Bring your Merit Badge Sign-Up Form filled out and the advance preparation worksheets to the May 2 Scout Meeting. All sheets need to have your name printed neatly on them. The advance preparation worksheets will need to be completed and turned in no later than June 20 to either Mr. Parker or Mr. England.

1st year campers you will be signing up for Leatherwork, Wood Carving and Basketry as your Merit Badges to start with at summer camp. Once you have completed these three and if there is time you can sign up for another Merit Badge while at camp. You will also be working on Rank requires for Tenderfoot, 2nd Class and 1st Class while at camp.

Second year campers you need to be signing up for Swimming, Environmental Science and Camping Merit Badges as all three of these Merit badges are Eagle required.

If you have any questions or problems, please see Mr England or Mr. Parker at a Scout Meeting.

Ray Blann
Camp Scoutmaster 2011

Scott Howell

December 5th, 2010

Historic Carpentry Merit Badge

Some of our Scouts just completed the requirements for the Historic Carpentry Merit Badge.

This Merit Badge was first offered in 1911 and discontinued in 1952. It is part of the Historic Merit Badge Program that is only available for this 100th Anniversary year. The program honors Scouting’s rich 100-year history by introducing today’s Scouts to the merit badges earned by yesterday’s youth.

Think about how times have changed from a hundred years ago.

Can you imagine a life without power tools?
Long before manufacturing, everything was made by hand. Craftsmen developed their skills to become a master. The final test was the production of a great piece called a masterpiece.

To get the most out of this merit badge, the boys did it the old-fashioned way with good, old-fashioned hand tools.

Special thanks goes to the Hendrens and Newberrys for teaching this Merit Badge.

(See more pictures of the boys working on their project in the Troop 282 Photo Collection.)

September 29th, 2010

Historic Merit Badges

The Boy Scouts of America has released the details of their Historic Merit Badge Program first announced back on January 12, 2010.

The program honors Scouting's rich 100-year history by introducing today's Scouts to the merit badges earned by yesterday's youth. To bring the badges into a 21st-century context, the BSA has created supplemental information guides that will accompany scans of the original merit badge pamphlets.

  • The badges can be earned beginning today, and requirements must be completed by Dec. 31, 2010.
  • Historic merit badges do count toward a Scout's rank advancement.
  • Each merit badge emblem features a gold border, which will help identify it as special to the centennial year.

Pamphlets for these badges will not be reprinted. Instead, Scouts and Scouters can go online to find digital scans of the original pamphlets.

Here are the requirements for each of the historic merit badges:


To obtain a merit badge for Pathfinding, a Scout must:

  1. In the country, know every lane, bypath, and short cut for a distance of at least two miles in every direction around the local scout headquarters; or in a city, have a general knowledge of the district within a three-mile radius of the local scout headquarters, so as to be able to guide people at any time, by day or by night.
  2. Know the population of the five principal neighboring towns, their general direction from his scout headquarters, and be able to give strangers correct directions how to reach them.
  3. If in the country, know in a two mile radius, the approximate number of horses, cattle, sheep, and pigs owned on the five neighboring farms; or, in a town, know, in a half-mile radius, the location of livery stables, garages and blacksmith shops.
  4. Know the location of the nearest meat markets, bakeries, groceries, and drug stores.
  5. Know the location of the the nearest police station, hospital, doctor, fire alarm, fire hydrant, telegraph and telephone offices, and railroad stations.
  6. Know something of the history of his place; and know the location of its principal public buildings, such as the town or city hall, post-office, schools and churches.
  7. Submit a map not necessarily drawn by himself upon which he personally has indicated as much as possible of the above information.

Here is an Information Guide and original booklet for the merit badge.


To obtain a Merit Badge for Tracking, a Scout must:

  1. Demonstrate by means of a tracking game or otherwise, ability to track skillfully in shelter and wind, etc., showing how to proceed noiselessly and “freeze” when occasion demands.
  2. Know and recognize the tracks of ten different kinds of animals or birds in his vicinity, three of which may be domestic.
  3. Submit satisfactory evidence that he has trailed two different kinds of wild animals or birds on ordinary ground far enough to determine the direction in which they were going, and their gait or speed. Give the names of animals or birds trailed, their direction of travel, and describe gait and speed; or submit satisfactory evidence that he has trailed six different kinds of wild animal or birds in snow, sand, dust, or mud, far enough to determine the direction they were going and their gait or speed. Give names of animals or birds, their direction of travel, and describe gait and speed.
  4. Submit evidence that he has scored at least 30 points from the following groups:
    Group (f) and 4 of the 5 groups (a), (b), (c), (d), (e) must be represented in the score of 30 and at least 7 points must be scored from (a), (b), or (c). Make clear recognizable photographs of
  5. (a) Live bird away from nest – 4 points each
  6. (b) Live woodchuck or smaller wild animal – 3 points each
  7. (c) Live wild animal larger than woodchuck – 4 points each 
  8. (d)  Live bird on nest – 3 points each
  9. (e)  Tracks of live wild animal or bird – 2 points each
  10. (f) Make satisfactory plaster cast of wild animal or bird tracks with identification imprint on back of cast – 2 points each

Here is an Information Guide and original booklet for the merit badge.


To obtain a Merit Badge for Carpentry, a Scout must:

  1. Demonstrate the use of the rule, square, level, plumb-line, mitre, chalk-line and bevel.
  2. Demonstrate the proper way to drive, set, and clinch a nail, draw a spike with a claw-hammer, and to join two pieces of wood with screws.
  3. Show correct use of the cross-cut saw and of the rip-saw.
  4. Show how to plane the edge, end and the broad surface of a board.
  5. Demonstrate how to lay shingles.
  6. Make a simple article of furniture for practical use in the home or on the home grounds, finished in a workmanlike manner, all work to be done without assistance.

Here is an Information Guide and original booklet for the merit badge.


To obtain a Merit Badge for Signaling, a Scout must:

  1. Make an electric buzzer outfit, wireless, blinker, or other signaling device.
  2. Send and receive in the International Morse Code, by buzzer or other sound device, a complete message of not less than 35 words, at a rate of not less than 35 letters per minute.
  3. Demonstrate an ability to send and receive a message in the International Morse Code by wigwag and by blinker or other light signaling device at the rate of not less than 20 letters per minute.
  4. Send and receive by Semaphore Code at the rate of not less than 30 letters per minute.
  5. Know the proper application of the International Morse and Semaphore Codes; when, where, and how they can be used to best advantage.
  6. Discuss briefly various other codes and methods of signaling which are in common use.

Here is an Information Guide and original booklet for the merit badge.

July 10th, 2010

Merit Badge List actually takes you to a new site – This site is very helpful when looking for the latest requirements for all of the Boy Scout merit badges you will need for advancement.

Here is the current list of Merit Badges. Click on the name of the badge to see the requirements.

Use this link if you would like a list of Merit Badge Worksheets.

Merit badges that are Eagle-required merit badges can be found on this page.