Boy Scouts of America

Troop 282

Blue Elk District • Heart of America Council, BSA

A Chartered Organization of Trinity Episcopal Church

June 14th, 2017

Tribal Celebration

The Tribal Celebration was June 2 through June 4 this year. A few of us went down early and the rest came down later that Friday night to participate in the various activities that weekend. Well on Friday night we went to Late Night In Lone Bear. This is where they have various games and contests that Braves participate in to win prizes. Well we had one Brave who participated this year and that was Justin Lee. He was chosen to compete in the pickle eating contest. Now these are the BIG Dill Pickles to see how many they can eat in a certain time limit. Well Justin didn’t win but he still ate 3 Big Dill Pickles and received a Mic-O-Say T-shirt for trying. Afterwards we went to Cracker Barrel to eat a Peach Nehi Float. On Saturday there was a lot of activities going on. The boys played in the Chieftains Challenge which consists of games of skill, communication, knowledge and teamwork. Some of the other activities that the adults went to were Garage Sale, Silent Auction and the memorial service to name just a few. And the food was good especially the Barbeque. Then Saturday Night the Chieftain Ceremony this is where the new Presiding Chief is named for the next 12 months. So after the ceremony we headed back home. I think I can speak for everyone that went we all had a great time. Some of us just can’t wait to go back down when the whole Troop is going down for Summer Camp. But I guess we will so we all can have that Peach Nehi Float.


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